At 4 am we going to view point by  jeef or 4WD.  its about 15 minutes and continue walking on a lot of stairs.  We walk to be careful because the way  is very narrow and slippery.

after see the sunrise in view point , the Jeep  drop  us back to the hotel  for take breakfast, shower, packing, and we headed to  Ranu Pane lake via  sand sea in big caldera and Teletubbies hill. after that we spent time in Coban Pelangi waterfall and then check in at Seulawah Resort.

About Travelife Trip

TRAVELIFE is a company dedicated to providing you with efficient low-cost travelling services in Indonesia. We take pride in offering reliable and flexible services with our All Inclusive Price Policy with No hidden costs or last minute surprises. Since the beginning we have built up excellent relationships with our customers. We know the importance of this, and believe in doing our utmost to make sure you receive the help you need before, during and after the booking.

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