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  1. Thiery Breband says:

    Hello Aidey; I am sorry, to don’t give news before. But last week I am go to formation for my work. I hope you understand my english when I write it, I think it is not aesy.I have past a good travel when I come back in france, but very long and I havn’t sleep and when I arrive in france I go to the party with my friends, I have no sleep during 60 hours it’s mynew record. But just after I have begin to work, and after my formation. Now in my small village , there is a snow and it is very cold, I think all the time at indonesia. I have past a very good holidays and I am very happy to meet you, you are very friendly, and obliging, you have a heart in your hand!!! Don’t change. If I went again in indonesia I see you in april maybe. I hope all is good for you, your work, your friend, and your love. I say thank you very much again, when I am go in bus station I have just a few time to say good bye at you. Now I write message for you more regulary, and I will make my inscription in face book, Thank you at my first friend in indonesia.
    Bye and see you by mail

    Rhone-Alpes, France

  2. RJ & Risten says:

    Hi Geof! Very nice that you send me an e-mail. We enjoyed the trip organised by you, it was really great! At the moment we are at Bali, Padangbai. Tomorrow we go home, next week I will send you some pictures by e-mail.

    RJ & Risten, Amsterdam

  3. Benji says:

    Hey Aidey, How are you? We are fine and back in Germany. Our holiday in Indonesia is over. We enjoyed our stay very much, espacially the tour with you to Bromo and Ijen.You have benn to Lovina, too? We saw many dolphins in the morning. It was great.

    Greetings from Isabella & Benji,
    Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Germany

  4. Max says:

    Hi, Aydey. We have successfully come back home to Moscow in the end of August.Very interesting trip has turned out, we could look at Java island and had a fine rest on Moluccas.Thank you for well organized trip on the east of Java, give kind regards to Ferlian. We remained are happy with our trip. Now, after returning, we was loaded many things to do on work and there is no enough time to write a detailed letter,but a little later we want to write it and we will send some photos.

    Max and Alex, Moscow

  5. Roman says:

    Thanks you Id! The real help for those, who wants to get on Bromo and other places,for the first time.

    Roman, Moscow

  6. Meli says:

    Haloo sorry telat upload fotonya. ini foto2nya waktu trip mg lalu thanks buat semuanya waktu trip krmn!

    Meli, jakarta

  7. Katia says:

    We rented a Motorbike at travelife to go to Bromo. It was an unforgettable experience,because we saw the eruption of Bromo. Aidey was very helpful, because he did not only rent a motorbike to us, but explained all the routes and gave a lot of useful information about the area. He was also very kind to give me his jacket, as I realized later I wouldhave been frozen without it. We were very grateful to Aidey for his service and help, and would definitely recommend him to anybody.

    Katia & Sergey,
    Vladimir – Russia

  8. Anton Fesenko says:

    Hello, Aidey ! Today i watched a video in Bromo and Ijen, it was nice…Now i gonna planning new trip in summer, and i don’t know what i will choose. I think between Portugal and Asia, maybe we come again to Indonesia, but i don’t know what we can to do there? Krakatau, Borobodur, Green Canyon maybe? What can you advise? Karimunjawa islands, Borneo, Komodo? Do you have any programm for 1-2 weeks, not expensive of course ))

    Anton Fesenko, St. Peterburg

  9. Lina says:

    Hi Aidey! Sorry for the late comment. I was in Malang last year early dec 4D3N. Aidey show me around to see the attraction sights understand and learn the history from Aidey. The highlight for me was Sempu Island!!! Paradise and i reallyyy miss that place manage to take great pictures as memories going home Aidey,can’t say enough had a wonderful time and you make me feel like outing with a friend and not feel like a tour. Most importantly,I now have a good friend in Malang

    Lina, Singapore

  10. Dinesh says:

    The travel people and the driver were amazing and was never tired through all our journey.. he speaks a very little english and it was so helpful.. he took us to great places.. and gave us good suggestions to keep up with our time…

    Dinesh, Singapore

  11. Emilia says:

    Aidey……ESPL Rocks!!!!! Update aku yah kalo ada voucher murah kayak gini lagi hehehehehe…….puas banget!!

    Thank you !!!
    Emilia Biefer Siadari, Netherland

  12. moon says:

     Kar Mun
    Salam Aidey, I’m very grateful to have you as a tour guide (friendly & funny), i will say that as a friend then tour guide to me, also the experience driver Pak Cik. I have a great trip from Ijen – Bromo – Malang & Yogyakarta, also the food that you bring me to eat is delicious, especially the nasi bakar at Jogja & cui mie at Malang. You have so much experience in these places, you bring me to the places only the local who know – less tourist visit place – the view is amazing. Thanks for the great trip, would definitely recommend your services to anybody. Hope to see you again …

    Take Care & Good Day
    Kar Mun, Penang

  13. edison dennis says:

    Hi Aidey, Thanks for the great trip. A fully recommend travel agent when you visit east Java. Tour guide was helpful and friendly. All hotel and food u recommend to us was great, specially the nasi bakar and Cui mee in Malang. Hope to see you again when i visit Mt. Bromo next time. Take care & all the best!

    Edison dennis, Penang

  14. Seen says:

    Hi Aidey, Thanks for the arrangement of Kawah Ijen & Mt. Bromo. Overall for the trip are really great. We all enjoy for it. Only is for the food arrangement need to search for more local indonesia food as we like to try local food. But understanding that you’re scare we can’t afford it (may dirty at local street food). Your transport still in good condition. Will visit again the other place and contact you.

    SEEN, Kuala Lumpur

  15. Peter Finch says:

    Aidey, Belated thanks for the tour. It was great, highlight of the whole trip for us. I’ll be sure to say nice things about you wherever I can.

    Good luck
    Peter, UK

  16. Maryline says:

    J’ai rencontré Aidey à Malang. C’est un être adorable qui connait parfaitement bien l’Indonesie et qui la montre par ses plus jolis aspects. N’hésitez pas à le contacter pour une visite originale de ce bel endroit de la planète!

    Maryline, Paris

  17. Lia says:

    Hey Aidey,
    Thank you for organizing the Bromo Sunrise Tour for me and my two friends. Although there was some confusion at first, but it went well in the end, we had fun. And the delayed arrival back in Malang was nobody’s fault, it was beyond anyone’s control. So, I’m pretty much pleased with your service 🙂

    Lia, Jakarta

  18. Ben & Karen says:

    Hi Aidey,
    Thanks for your take us to visit so many beautiful places in surabaya & East Java. You’re a best tour guide I’ve met.
    It’s a pity that the mountain Ijen is closing now. Next time,when the mountain Ijen will be opened. We’ll come back again.

    See you soon
    Ben & Karen, Taipei – Taiwan

  19. Joan Tay says:

    Joan & Wymond

    Hi Aidey,

    Yesterday i asked wymond to rate the 5 day 4 night tour ( Mt Bromo, Ijen and Malang GUESS WHAT ? he said its 10/10. We really like the places we have been to, the local food , and Malang city.
    Thank you Aidey for the wonderful hospitality. This trip was way beyond our imagination, the view is amazing and the wonderful morning crisp air is still lingering …

    Aidey is a patient and dedicated tour guide.He ensure we are well-fed, drive safety and have vast knowledge of the places. we strongly recommend you this tour guide 🙂

    And we will be back soon 🙂

    Joan & Wymond , Singapore

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